Business Services
Sri Lanka is one of the most popular country for new investers particularly the aftermath of the 30 years long civil war which was ended in May 2009. The government has given many tax concessions and developed infrastructure facilities to companies or individuals who wish to invest in Si Lanka.

At NJ Business Solutions, we are committed to advice, support and guide any parties interested in starting a business or investing in Sri Lanka regardless of the way you want to do it. We will commit ourselves to offer you a high quality and satisfactory service through our network of contacts in Sri Lanka.
  Litigation Matters
We advise and undertake any type of litigation matter at any stage from initial instruction to final judgement including appeal process at any court in Sri Lanka. We advise particularly on civil, criminal, property, employment, human rights and matters related to public & family law. We have a panel of top counsels and attorneys who are the leading experts in their respective areas of Law.

We can represent your interests in Sri Lanka on matters other than litigation including contracts, business, investment, property, employment, human rights, criminal, environmental and commercial law. We will guide you step by step from initial correspondence up to the arbitration stage ensuring that we will work professionally to protect your interests.
  Property Services
If you are planning to sell, rent or have any other property issue we can provide you with the expert advice you need and coordinate the whole process until conclusion. We have close contacts with leading estate agents, property brokers, banks and finance companies in Sri Lanka and can provide you with a quick and hassle free service relating to your property matter.
  Sri Lankan Wills & Power of Attorneys
Making a last will provides many benefits including avoiding complications and any unnecessary legal battles whilst ensuring peace of mind for you and your loved ones. We can assist with the writting and registration of your last will in Sri Lanka. If you require a power of attorney (general or special) for any purpose, we can use our expertise to provide a comprehensive service. Depending on your circumstances, we can offer you a quick and dedicated 24 hour service subject to conditions
  Housing Loans
Many people who live outside Sri Lanka buy properties as an investment and most buyers receive assistance from banks to finance the property purchase. We can assist you to make the process smooth and quick in order to obtain the loan. This provides complete peace of mind allowing you to save your time and money particularly during your well-earned holiday time in Sri Lanka. In the majority of cases, the loan application can be processed without you travelling to Sri Lanka. We are working closely with most Sri Lankan banks; however, we are able to arrange a loan with any particular bank if you wish. You may be eligible for a housing loan, if you are in permanent employment and hold an eligible visa. Loans are granted for 5 years but in exceptional cases they may be granted for 7 years.
  Educational Services
We can provide quality and reliable information on the UK and European education system for interested parties who live outside the UK. We can arrange study opportunities at UK and European educational institutions from primary schools to leading universities. Many people come to the UK to study without fully understanding the potential of future work and settlement opportunities in the UK and other countries with excellent job prospects like Canada, Australia and New Zealand. We can also arrange quality legal and visa advice through our panel of UK solicitor firms who are specialists in Immigration law.
   Child Adoption Services

Overseas citizens and Sri Lankan origin expatriates who need to adopt a child from Sri Lanka have to go through a complicated application and legal procedure according to Sri Lankan law. We can help any interested parties from A-Z of this procedure until you bring the adopted child to your respected country.

   Other Services for Clients Residing in Sri Lanka

We are happy to coordinate any matters relating to your UK interests including property, finance & investment, legal and visa issues amongst others. We are able to guide you and help you find high quality advice from leading experts in the relevant field. We are committed to resolving any issues you may have and to help to protect your interests.