Quantum-Web works closely with clients to recognise the forces transforming their markets
and to business models suited to their situations

Quantum-Web works closely with clients to recognise the forces transforming their markets and to define business models suited to their competitive situations, and implement these models in ways that deliver impact rapidly and effectively.

Quantum-Web adopts an independent, benefits-driven approach founded on our strength in our analytical approach, our responsiveness to our client’s needs and our unyielding focus on delivery.

Quantum-Web's clients are either service providers or vendors and based upon this classification we provide an in-depth research and analysis by providing accurate information in order that clients can drive new revenue streams or generate even more business out of their current ones.

Quantum-Web’s Consultancy services include:

  • ·          Business modelling
  • ·          Strategic bidding based on the Game- theoretic models.
  • ·          Pricing policies
  • ·          Telecoms regulation
  • ·          Customer segmentation
  • ·          Forecasting


Business modelling

Quantum-web's experienced consultants are able to provide methods for improving companies’ efficiency in terms of increasing the quality of their products and services through various techniques. The business modelling relates a series of total quality management (TQM) with your organisations units in order to improve overall performance.

Strategic bidding based on the Game- theoretic models.

Our quantitative analyst will be able to build bidding models on Game-theoretic basis to assist companies with the right bidding strategies at auctions for the privatisation of public companies, spectrum, wireline and wireless licence auctions.

Pricing strategies

Quantum-Web’s experienced consultants undertake the responsibility of gauging the national and international comparative analysis of prices to determine the optimum wholesale and retail prices of wireline and wireless products or services.

Telecoms regulation

Quantum-Web’s experts in regulatory frameworks deliver the relevant knowledge to assist operators, regulators and other stakeholders to take into account factors such as each party's agenda, identification of anti-competitiveness of operators, empirical evidence, economical and technical impact on prices in order to strengthen stakeholders’ capability within the particular regulatory environment.

Customer segmentation

 Our team's expertise is based on over 13 years of market analysis which is used to assist customers to focus on an appropriate approach to create, grow and evolve their businesses. We usually suggest to businesses to take four stages to segment their clients:

A)        Determine proper objects of segmentation

B)        Build a structural segmentation framework around those objectives

C)        Prepare a template of the outcomes of the segmentation and its impact on entire company’s decision process.

D)        Be prepared to change the segmentation structure in case that occurs.