Tailored Research

Quantum-web provides bespoke tailored research related to network, vendors, telcos and services at national or international level

Quantum-web provides bespoke tailored research, including international and vertical sector analysis. We have undertaken a wide range of research projects for international organisations, world-renowned business journals and academic institutions. These include Shell, PWC, Sony, Harvard Business Review and London Business School. 

Quantum-web's Tailored Research can include:

    • Price Elasticity, Market supply, demand modelling and Forecasting 
    • Price sensitivity analysis
    • Forecasting
    • Data processing and analysis facilities

Price Elasticity, Market supply, Demand Modelling and Forecasting 
Quantum-web undertakes price elasticity research and employs a highly skilled team who use sophisticated modelling techniques and methodologies to determine the relationships between pricing and customer adoption. Practical studies can be undertaken within the context of local market conditions to deliver relevant results such as:

    • Estimating the effect of competitor's promotional pricing activity.
    • Establishing the optimal price for a new brand/variant entering the market.
    • Assessing the optimal price relationship between different product types.
    • Evaluating maximum profitability for a brand/product in the market.

Price sensitivity analysis 
Quantum-web examines the price sensitivity of services amongst different consumer segments, such as device adoption amongst different demographic segments.

Quantum-web’s forecasting gives you the opportunity to invest in particular sectors or countries based on highly reliable forecasts that support high-level business decisions. Quantum-web run tailored forecasting models based on your business, your development plans and individual market conditions.

Data processing and analysis facilities
Many companies experience difficulty in managing and interpreting their in-house data. Quantum-web acts as a tailored outsourcing service to professionally analyse and process this data. We offer:

    • Cost-effective, efficient analysis
    • Accurate data interpretation
    • Independent outlook
    • Access to experienced quantitative analysts

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