Forecasting service provides operational and financial metrics for each of the fixed, wireless and media sectors across 150 countries.

Market Monitoring

Market Monitoring service is a quarterly set of statistics that provides competitive intelligence for over 800 operators globally.

Research & Consulting

A service that assists you with the complex decisions you need to make.

Latest Research

Q4 2012 World Broadband Tariffs Analysis

 Latin America is the most expensive region for mobile broadband data and showing the world’s widest price gap between capped and uncapped fixed-line broadband packages.

Broadband Tariffs

European Broadband Tariffs Q4 2011, EU 27 broadband tariffs are moving toward a harmonised pricing strategy across different access technologies.

Wireless Broadband Traffic

 Wireless broadband Traffic 2012-2017.The volume of the Swedish wireless traffic will be exceeding 513 PB by 2017. Big screen devices, and non business subscribers are the major factors to increase the Wireless traffic in Sweden.